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Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice

The Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice (MHT-JJ) – developed by and for juvenile probation, detention, and corrections staff – increases staff capacity to better work with adolescents experiencing behavioral health conditions.

From probation intake to secure corrections, juvenile justice staff persons are responsible for the day-to-day care of a large population of youth, many of whom are experiencing behavioral health conditions or traumatic stress reactions. Juvenile justice involvement can exacerbate a youth’s condition, creating a dangerous situation for both the youth and juvenile justice staff. The MHT-JJ increases knowledge of adolescent development, child trauma and adolescent behavioral health conditions, helps staff develop an understanding of how these issues may affect youth-staff interactions, and enhances skills that support effective and safe interactions between youth and staff.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified trainer?

Certified trainers…

  • Have access to the most current training curriculum.
  • Participate in continuing learning activities to support in-depth understanding of best practice for educating adult learners and emerging research on topics covered by the curriculum.
  • Collect and report evaluation data to NCYOJ, which is used to inform updates to the training curricula, and highlight practice improvements nationally.

Final Registration-Based Virtual Train-the-Trainer Opportunity 

NCYOJ will be holding a final virtual MHT-JJ Train-the-Trainer Trainer Network event beginning on May 16, 2022. Following this event, the MHT-JJ Train-the-Trainer will be offered exclusively as a contracted service. Now is the last opportunity if you are looking to attend a Trainer Network event, where individuals can register to attend a virtual train-the-trainer event.

Please click image below for the full 7-week agenda.

As the MHT-JJ curriculum requires specialized knowledge regarding juvenile justice systems and clinical training, NCYOJ encourages prospective attendees to apply in pairings that include a juvenile justice professional and a clinician.

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