Supporting the Juvenile Justice Workforce

We develop and support a national network of trainers to help professionals working with vulnerable young people. The Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice curriculum–developed by and for juvenile probation, detention, and corrections staff–increases staff capacity to better work with adolescents experiencing behavioral health and traumatic stress conditions.

From probation intake to secure corrections, juvenile justice professionals are responsible for the day-to-day care of a large population of youth, many of whom are experiencing behavioral health conditions or traumatic stress reactions. Juvenile justice involvement can exacerbate a youth’s condition, creating a dangerous situation for both the youth and juvenile justice staff. The MHT-JJ increases knowledge of adolescent development, child trauma, and adolescent behavioral health conditions; helps staff understand how these issues may affect youth-staff interactions; and enhances skills that support effective and safe interactions between youth and staff.

Our MHT-JJ certified trainer network receives ongoing mentorship from national experts, access to annually updated curricula and resources, and continuing education opportunities for certified trainers. To find a certified trainer near you or to become a certified trainer, visit our Trainer Network.